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Welcome to my website!

Hi everyone!

Dustin here, and I very much appreciate you checking out my website. What is this newfangled thing, you might be asking? Well, I'm glad that you did!

The purpose of this website is for me to share my writing, first off. In the past year or so I've been working on a collection of short stories, some of which I plan on self-publishing in a book in the near future. I've decided the self-publishing/marketing route is the way for me to go, as my goal is to share my work with as many people as possible, and what better way to make it official than doing so on my own website?

This will be a place for me to not only publish stories I've written, but also to blog about the various projects I'm working on, and also allow access to the short films I've completed (as well as the ones I'm currently working on!)

2020 was filled with a lot of down time for me to sit and contemplate where I want to take myself, both in 2021 and beyond. I wish to do nothing but continue pursuing my dreams, and I hope you do the same!

Best regards,


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