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My First Claymation Film: 'A Day at the Park' Live Now!

Hello everyone!

Recently I became inspired to try something I've never attempted before: making my own claymation short film. I've always been fond of stop motion animation and had only attempted it once as a kid with limited resources.

Now as an adult, with much better technology at my fingertips, I decided to give it a go and without much preparation, put together and film my own little claymation short.

I bought some clay off Amazon and made my little figure, whom I've named Clayton. Using copper wire as his skeleton, I started with a layer of white clay and then used various colored clay for his head and body parts.

Next, I bought some cheap art supplies from Dollar Tree for the background and a green table cloth for the "grass". Once I got everything together, it was fun but challenging to animate, as I quickly realized Clayton was not going to move exactly how I wanted him to. But I did my best to make it work!

I've uploaded the link to my film, called A Day in the Park, which you can find on the "My Films" section here on my website. I hope that you check it out and enjoy what you see!

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